Shipping policy

We send parcels to your local PO where postmen deliver them to the address you indicated in your order list. If you are not at home at the moment of delivery, a postman leaves a special notice. There are two ways of shipping: · Airmail. The delivery by means of airmail lasts 2-3 weeks. Price: $9.95. · EMS Courier Delivery. Its average shipping duration is 3-8 business days. Unfortunately, this shipping method is not available in several countries. If your country is in this list, you won’t be able to choose EMS as a shipping type. Price: $19.95. You should also bear in mind some possible delays at customs we are not responsible for. Therefore, why some parcels may arrive a bit later or earlier than expected. The orders are usually processed within 24 hours. As soon as your order is registered, you receive an automatic e-mail message. Sometimes, such notifications get into spam folders. Look for a notification there if you have not received one. We make every effort to deliver your parcels in time. All the medications you can see on our site are usually on stock. If you have some problems with the delivery, we will try to solve it as soon as possible. Our Customer Care Specialists are at your disposal and ready to connect with you any moment.

Return policy

If you received damaged or defective medication or the company shipped the incorrect product we will resend your order free of charge. The quality of our products is beyond exception, but if you are not satisfied with it, contact our Customer Care Specialists. In case that your pills are damaged, we will resend you a new package free of charge. Be informed that the return of medications is strictly prohibited by International rules.

Privacy policy

We guarantee a complete anonymity, as well as the safety of your personal and financial information. You receive your parcel as a gift - without any titles and prices on it - so that nobody could learn about its contents and you did not have to pay any customary fees. Names of the ordered products won’t be reflected on the credit card statement. We make use of numerous security measures to guarantee the security of your private information. The checkout process utilises industry-standard SSL-based encryption that ensures the privacy and security of all your information. Our preferable way of communication with our clients is e-mail. Though we do not call to our clients generally, we ask you to indicate your correct telephone number for the Address Verification System not to cancel your order.

Use of cookies

Cookies are short text files our Web server sends to your computer. They are used to fix such session information as the previous activity on a site or Web page content based on your browser type. This helps us provide better service for the customers when they return to our site, and imply an access to some specific sections on our site.

Collection of information

Only our customers’ domain names or IP addresses - but not e-mail addresses - are automatically recognized by our server. We never divulge your private information.

Contacting us

Ask your questions in the section "Contact us". We are glad to solve any problem arisen.

Trading rules

Any textual or graphic data posted on the site should be used for informational purposes only and should not be relied on when treating any of the conditions specified here. No part of it should be considered as medical advice. It is absolutely imperative that patients consult trained physicians and healthcare providers on whatever health issues they have. Even if part of the information you have read on these pages seems relevant or advisable, always consult your doctor prior to following it. Do not rely on this information if you have an emergency! If you feel like you need medical help immediately, please, call 911 or contact your healthcare provider. We shall not be responsible for any negative consequences of the use of any drugs, treatment and diagnosis methods, personal experiences, tests, clinics, etc., described on the website. It should be remembered that treatment methods and drugs mentioned here do not work for everyone, have contraindications and may cause serious side effects.

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